Kumbuk ෴ කුඹුක්


Tree with a broad base and smooth, grey bark. Leaves are placed in near opposites, and are about 5-13 cm long and 2- 5 cm broad, oval in shape with a rounded base and blunt tip, short-petiolated with a pair of glands about 1 mm immediately below the base of lamina. Leaves turn bright red when old. Flowers are small, sessile, cream to greenish-white, on rachis about 9-13 cm of branched inflorescences borne terminally or at nodes. The fruit is elliptic 3-5 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, five-winged, woody structure.

  • Common Name In Sri Lanka: Kumbuk
  • Scientific Name: Terminalia arjuna
  • Other Names: Marutu (Tamil)
  • Habitat: Banks of rivers and streams.
  • Average Height: Up to 25 meters