Kithul Jaggery (Kithul Hakuru) ෴ කිතුල් හකුරු

Kithul Jaggery Kithul Jaggery Kithul Jaggery

Pure Natural Kithul Jaggery is Sourced from the border villages of the Sinharaja Rainforest and Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, Wild Kithul Trees (Fish Tail Palm) are mostly grown in the rainforests and in the intermediate forests in Sri Lanka. It’s sap is harvested using age-old traditional methods by families residing at the borders of the forests. The process of converting the collected sap to Kithul Jaggery is a craft that requires time, patience, and skill that comes with years of experience. By purchasing a pack, you are supporting these villagers to make a sustainable living and continue an invaluable tradition.

Kitul Hakuru, as it is called in Sri Lanka, has been long loved and traditionally used as a natural sweetener.

Sourcing Information: To make jaggery, the kithul sap needs to be boiled passing the point which produces treacle. Then the sap is put into coconut shells to make a unique shape.

How to use it? Kithul jaggery is a food sweetener. Kithul jaggery is used in the making of some types of ice cream, pudding and cake and served with tea and other herbal infusions as an accompaniment.

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