Karapita Kolama

Karapita Kolama Karapita Kolama Karapita Kolama

A very special Kolam (comic) performances is that of the Karapita Kolama. In this Kolama (comedy) a lady dressed in a skirt and wearing a pair of shoes is seen carried on the shoulders of a gentleman. This performance using a single actor, is one that evokes humour and wonder. Tied to the actors waist, is a skirt and above it on the upper body is a picture of lady’s face tied in front, and on the two sides are two trouser legs pointing forward. Various parts of the human body have been created out of wood in creating puppets.

Various practical devices have been used in creating the lady’s face and head and two hands, and a special feature is that in creating the two legs of the gentleman and connected parts, the clothes of the characters have been decorated combining the various parts together.

The hands of the female figure and the legs of the gentleman’s figure are held on two sides, and the actor walk with a walking stick in one hands, and in the other hand he holds the face of the woman and walks forward.

“From the country of Holland
They have arrived in Sri Lanka.
See how they are carried on shoulders
Look how they come to perform
’“with love in the heart
Riding on the shoulders of the gentleman
Not being shy
The lady comes thus before the audience
Enjoying pleasure of the flesh
Heart full of affection
Love in her mind
The lady comes on the shoulders of her mate.”
The shapely body is like that of a goddess
The waist band glows like the bow of cupid
When looked at closely evokes pleasure in the mind
Look at the dancing lady on the shoulders of her husband."

Karapita Kolama Karapita Kolama Karapita Kolama

【LK94008386: Karapita Kolama. Text by Lakpura™. Images by Google, copyright(s) reserved by original authors.】