Jamuna Tank

Jamuna Tank Jamuna Tank Jamuna Tank

It is located closer to the official residence of the Minister of king Sankilian. It was built by the 1st king of Jaffna. This tank was built in “U” shape and the rim of the tank is covered by bricks. There are steps leading down the tank.

Nallur is a prominent place of Jaffna from early centuries to till now. Many historically important constructions were made when the Nallur was being the capital of Jaffna kingdom. The Jamuna Aeri is one among them which located near the famous Hindu house of worship, Nallur Kanthaswamy temple and also near to the Sangiliyan thoppu.

Jamuna eri is built by the king of Jaffna, Cinkai Ariyan Cekaracacekaran. Although the name Jamuna aeri leads to imagine a lake, but it really looks like a tank. According to the Tamil chronicle namely, Yalppana Vaipava Malai, for the initial fill of this Jamuna tank, water from sacred Yamuna river of India was brought and mixed. It also results to name the tank as Yamuna aeri. There is an underground connection between Yamuna aeri and “manthiri manai” using a tunnel. There are stone steps to reach the tunnel down from the surface land. The aeri was built in a shape of Tamil letter . According to the legends, the Queen’s of Jaffna Kingdom used this aeri to bath at that time. The aeri was good evidence for the traditional old architecture prevailed at that time.

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