Jaffna Curry Powder

Sri Lanka is a land known for its vibrant culture and diversity while it also showcases in the country’s cuisine as well. We find dishes that are unique to each region while Sri Lankan curry powder is no exception to this either. Curry powder is an amalgamation of spices that can offer an intense flavor or a much subtle one depending on what we use in the mix.

Sri Lankan curry powder consists of raw or unroasted to roasted while these blends can be used in vegetarian curries as well as meat and fish curries as well.

The Jaffna Curry Powder is a celebration of the rich culture and food varieties that are found in the Northern territory of Sri Lanka. Used in almost all the Northern region’s curries and more commonly for meats and seafood, the Jaffna Curry powder is considered as the spiciest Sri Lankan curry powder yet with a complex flavor profile due to the eleven ingredients that are used.

The ingredients used in the Sri Lankan Jaffna Curry powder consists of

Since chillie and pepper are already in the mix, the spiciness is always intact and you don’t have to add anything extra to the mix.

The difference between the Sri Lankan Jaffna Curry Powder and the Indian Curry Powder lies mainly in the ingredients. While the Indian one consists of Turmeric, ginger and mainly black pepper corns for the punch, the Sri Lankan mix has chilies and curry leaves in it.

You can purchase our Sri Lankan Jaffna Curry Powder today and taste the unique flavors of the North.

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