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Sri Lanka is country of many races, religions and cultures. While Buddhists may be the majority. There are also a large number of Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

Indeed, Islam began to flourish on the island from the 7th century AD, with the arrival of Arabian traders on Sri Lankan shores. Over the period of a century, they took control of much of the trade on the Indian Ocean, including that of Sri Lanka. Many of them settled down on the island in large numbers, encouraging the spread of Islam, and their descendants became the Moors. The influx of the Islamic community continued in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries with Javanese, Malaysian, Pakistani and South Indian Muslims arriving in Sri Lanka. Today the Islamic population of Sri Lanka makes up to 9.7% of the approximately 21 million people living in the island.

So if you are feeling a bit reluctant to get out of your comfort zone and holiday in a new country, do not worry. Sri Lanka is ready to give you the best and most unforgettable Halal Holiday! Visit famous mosques and holy locations. Enjoy delicious halal Sri Lankan cuisine. Get Islamic or Islam-friendly tour guides. Halt your tour during prayer times, and have access to prayer rooms or at least safe praying places. Stay at Halal-friendly hotels with great views. Worried that you will miss out on the sights. Let go of all the stress, you will still get to experience the ancient ruins, wonderful tropical rainforests, wildlife safaris, verdant mountains and beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka as part of your holiday.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy all that Sri Lanka has to offer through our Halal Holiday Tours! Check them out below!

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