Giridevi Mask

Giridevi Mask Giridevi Mask Giridevi Mask

The Giridevi mask is an attractive type of mask. Like the Naga Kanya mask it has very fine features. This is seen to be a light weight mask. Considered to be the younger sister of the Gara demon, this mask representing Giri Deviya (giri queen) is a pleasant and attractive mask.

The verse is as follows:-

Keeping the steps in tune with the music the movements are graceful

Catching the attention of the audience

It brings enjoyment Arousing joy in the mind of those who see,

It remains the memory The beauty of the giri devi (giri queen) kolam (comic dance) look at the enjoy

Like divine nymphs wearing blazing gem they titillate the audience

Kolam dances of giri devi dazzle in various ways

Well versed in the songs accompanying the dance they dance today

As they come before the audience look at their performance

Golden in colour – this Face shines forth always

Dressed in white – like this today comes the giridevi (queen)

Giridevi Mask is belongs to the Mirissa Udupila United Artistes group. The verses describing the mask have to be used to guide the making of these masks.

Giridevi Mask Giridevi Mask Giridevi Mask

【LK94008379: Giridevi Mask. Text by Lakpura™. Images by Google, copyright(s) reserved by original authors.】