eCommerce Solutions

Conducting business over the Internet is reinventing the way the world operates. As pioneers in the e-Commerce revolution, Web Crafts can help you harness the limitless possibilities the Internet provides for generating worldwide revenue and promoting your business.

We offer a complete line of sophisticated, fully integrated e-Commerce solutions and business applications that can be custom built to adhere to your exact type of business, industry and products. Depending on your needs, your platform can be entirely web based, allowing you to cut costs associated with sales transactions, business acquisition, supply chain management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, human resources and project management.

Our high innovation, award-winning solutions have helped transform industries spanning from home improvement and vehicle dealerships to human resources firms and online entertainment entities. Whether you need an advanced shopping cart, dynamic auction areas or a complete e-Marketplace, our industry leading solutions combine cutting edge technology with user-friendly functionality. To fulfill all of your e-Commerce needs, we also provide merchant account setup, online payment processing and SSL Certificates. E-commerce is essential for the future growth of your online business. It creates increases in revenue and profitability, reduces overheads and can revolutionize your customer service. Web Design Sri Lanka E-Commerce Solution provides the most secure way for you and your customers to begin trading online or ecommerce business. Using a secure server, SSL and PGP encryption, ‘E-Commerce’ enables your customers to send credit card details, online banking information, email messages and surveys over the Internet with total security. The forthcoming market will be driven by e-commerce the main thrust area of the business community in future. We provides complete ecommerce solution such as ecommerce web site development, ecommerce web site design, ecommerce shopping cart, ecommerce web hosting and software etc.

mmerce Solutions that we provide are:

Merchant Account Help SSL Certification Help Shopping Cart Solutions Ecommerce Web Site Design Ecommerce Web Hosting / Ecommerce Hosting

What is needed to have an ecommerce solution?

A Static or Dynamic Product Database Secure Online Ordering A Shopping Cart System where the shipping charges, taxes, and total balance are automatically computed Easy Credit Card Processing through a secure Internet connection (SSL)

Our ecommerce solutions company & ecommerce developers

Web Design Sri Lanka a professional ecommerce solutions company in Sri Lanka offers affordable ecommerce web site design of web sites and web pages. We also undertake custom ecommerce shopping cart jobs with quality design at cheap rates. We provide professional custom ecommerce solution services, ecommerce website development, ecommerce development, ecommerce shopping cart software, free design, graphics, cheap ecommerce database design by experienced & skilled ecommerce web site designer, developers from web design and web develop industry.

Web Design Sri Lanka ecommerce web designing (ecommerce web design company) specializes in premium quality ecommerce web site development for the business industry. Web Design Sri Lanka with over several years of experience in ecommerce development. We have professional designers & developers working round the clock seven days a week. We are providing services in USA, UK (England), Germany, Australia and Sri Lanka for ecommerce website design, web site development, shopping cart developing, web portals design, web page designing, website development, building web sites with PHP, ASP and ASP.Net, PHP MYSQL web site development.

We possess latest in ecommerce shopping cart solution and developing technology and equipments with the proven skills of accomplished commercial web designers, web developers, web programmers, multimedia specialists, ecommerce developer, ecommerce web site developer which provides the highest quality ecommerce web site solution and website development in the industry with Fast turnaround to build ecommerce web site. Web Design Sri Lanka is committed to delivering high quality web developing services tailored to meet your needs. We are proud to say that our ecommerce design company is one of the world’s best ecommerce application service Company & ecommerce application development company. We strive for twenty four hours turn around, helping you to deliver your products in a timely manner.

What is Ecommerce?

The Ecommerce graveyard is littered with e-businesses that leaped before they looked. Their goals were hazy, their business models unproven, and their lives were short. Before you design an Ecommerce site, you need to decide on and prioritize your business objectives. Do you want to brand and position your company online? Persuade Internet users to purchase a product or service online or call you or visit a physical location? Whatever your goals, We offer strategic advice in developing a solid ecommerce web site that supports your core business.

To start with, if your goal is to sell products or services on the Internet, you have to think about how you will accept payments. You have a couple of options here. A Merchant Accounts like or, Payment Gateways with a Secure Web Certificate will allow you to accept credit card payments directly from your web site (with a shopping cart). For smaller businesses with few products, we recommend opening a sellers account with a recommended payment process as secpay, etc.

We also integrate third party payment processors like PayPal or 2CheckOut. These payment processors also charge you a small transaction fee. You can also take checks online ( allows you to accept payments via phone, fax, or website) or you can have the customers send payments in the mail.