Corbet’s Gap

Corbet’s Gap Corbet’s Gap Corbet’s Gap


Corbett’s Gap opens out to stunning views of the Knuckles Mountain Range. It is a deep valley and also happens to be a rain shadow area. The vegetation here can vary between wet, dry and montane vegetation. The B grade road from Hunnasgiriya, which is a popular starting point for trekkers, leads to the Corbett’s Gap. Corbett’s Gap was given its name after a British surveyor Corbett who mapped the area. Locals often refer to it as the ‘Attala-Wettuwa’. This is one of the most popular and magnificent view points in the Knuckles Mountain Range. 

The Corbet’s Gap is reachable by any vehicle through Hunnasgiriya – Meemure Road. From the Hunnasgiriya juction it is 19 km to the view point. This route will give one of the most spectacular view of the virgin forests of the central highlands of Sri Lanka and will take you up to the Meemure, a remote village far away from civilization. This is also the most popular route taken by hike to Corbet’s Gap as well as Meemure.

Corbet’s Gap Corbet’s Gap Corbet’s Gap

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