Coconut Shells (Pol Katu) ෴ පොල් කටු

Coconut Shells Coconut Shells Coconut Shells

Coconut Shell Charcoal in know as "Pol Katu Aguru" or "Polkatu Aguru" and some times like that Pokatteaguru" in srilanka. Coconut Shell Charcoal is manufactured by carbonizing raw coconut shells in a limited supply of air. Economical and eco-friendly, coconut shell charcoal is one of the cleanest and most favored sources of developing activated carbon and using to firing well in cooking.

We all know the benefits of eating in banana leaves, but do you know that cooking and eating in coconut shells is equally healthy and beneficial for your body?

Controls overeating
When it comes to overeating, portion control is the smart way to control your eating habit. In this process, using coconut shells is a smart practice, as the shells are small in size, so you end up eating less. While experts agree that refilling is an option, but, it has been found that people often avoid refilling and that helps in losing those extra kilos.

Adds aroma to food
When you cook rice or curry in a coconut shell, it transfers the subtle aroma to your food and it helps in elevating the eating experience.

Reduces cholesterol level
When you cook in a coconut shell, the natural fibre content present in the shell automatically gets infused in your food and helps in weight loss and also helps in reducing cholesterol level.

Good for stomach
According to health experts, coconut shells are packed with nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for your stomach. It is suggested that when suffering from digestion issues like constipation, try using coconut shell as natural cutlery and the fibre and vitamins A, D, E, and K content will slowly improve your bowel movements.

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