Chandrika wawa ෴ චන්ද්‍රිකා වැව

Chandrika wawa Chandrika wawa Chandrika wawa

Chandrika wawa is a reservoir situated near Embilipitiya town in Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka. Presently, the reservoir for tourists passing through the area. Tourists gather here to bathe and enjoy the view of the reservoir.

Amunugama (2005) has tried to compare Chandrika Vava as a contour line connecting the agricultural land of Walave Ganga valley and people's life. According to archeological studies, the valley of the river Wala was in BC. It bears witness to the past of an archeological age of 6500.

Magama of the Ruhunu kingdom, which produced the heroes of the later Sri Lankan state and political dynasty, was located in the valley of the pit. (Jnanavimala 1942, Narada 1992.) As a result, the Valave Valley has been enriched with many small lakes. Even today, it can be assumed that the importance of Hambantota district including Tissamaharamaya in terms of agriculture remained the same in the past. According to Gnanawimala (1942, 1967), the kingdom of Magama, which collapsed in the 13th century, attracted attention again in the middle of the 20th century. In the late 19th century, British imperialists carried out irrigation works, but little attention was paid to the sparsely populated and dry Udawalawe region. Nijman (1999) describes how the Udawalawe area entered a rapid development path after independence.

The Walawe Movement laid the foundation for the economic and social upliftment of the people of the Walawe Ganga Valley, who were suffering from malaria epidemics and yellow fever. With the establishment of the River Valley Development Board (RVDA), the area around Udawalawa was transformed into an important agro-economic center on the map of Sri Lanka, creating an agricultural revival.

Chandrika wawa Chandrika wawa Chandrika wawa
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