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Brochure Design Brochure Design Brochure Design

Professional Brochure Design Services in Sri Lanka

Professional Brochure design, whether you need a business flyer, sales brochure, catalogue design or other marketing materials we have the design and marketing expertise to deliver. We will provide you with a stunning brochure design enabling you to show your company with confidence!

We specialise in designing of products and services literature for B2B, B2C and industrial firms of all sizes. Understanding fully Industrial, B2C & B2B selling, how to convince store buyers, and conveying the intricacies of industrial components or services is what we do.

Our professional brochure design team creates designs that speaks out the substance and vision of your products and services, while complementing and strengthening all other aspects of your company. Our team is composed of professional graphic designers and communication experts, focused on brand development.

Design On:

  • BS = Both Sided
  • SS = Single Sided

Paper Size:

  • A4 = 210mm x 297mm
  • A5 = 148mm x 210mm
  • DL = 210mm x 99mm
  • Letter = 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • Legal = 8 1/2″ x 14″
  • US B = 11″ x 17″

Your brochure designing and its Key points

The folds on your brochure will ultimately determine the communication. A tri-folded sheet will enable you to use the 6 panels to create an excellent layout to use for your text and graphics. On the other hand you may want to use the larger specs of a 11 x 17 brochure to present yourself. In this case, by folding the document in half will allow you to use all 4 sides to your liking. Either way, with the right layout and content, you’ll be able to create an excellent presentation for potential clients.

The Front and Back of your presentation brochure

Front cover needs to be the most attractive fold. It’s purpose is to motivate the reader to pick up your brochure and open it. Consulting a professional design team along with a marketing consultant for creative ideas are a must for this fold. Will include your corporate logo and company name and a brief tag line or slogan.

We recommend that the back cover of your presentation brochure include a 3-4 paragraph corporate biography that conveys to your audience your firm’s abilities and expertise. These initial paragraphs position you and your company as experts and gives you an edge on the competition. Don’t forget to include all contact info, phone, address, fax, e-mail, etc.

Content of the presentational Brochure is Key

The content and graphics of your representational brochure are by far the most important part. Before any designs are established be sure to have all relevant content completed and ready to go. Below are some examples of the things you may want to include.
A list of several tangible benefits your clients will receive; because the most important information in a representational brochure answers the question, “what’s in it for the client”. You may also want to come up with 3-4 qualifying questions that the reader can ask him/herself; it’s like a self-test to determine whether they are a prospect for whatever it is you’re offering.

Brochure Design Brochure Design Brochure Design

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