Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper essential oil is extracted from pepper seeds using the methods of steam distillation and hydrodistillation. The piperine present in pepper increases the bioavailability of the other ingredients. Therefore, adding a pinch of pepper to the food enhances its nutrition and flavour. Benefits of Black pepper essential oil include controlling diabetes, improving oral health by reducing gum inflammation and dental cavities, improving brain health, reduces signs of aging and improving mental health.

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper Essential Oil

  • Helps to control diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar level and functioning as a bio enhancer for diabetic medication
  • Improves oral health by reducing gum inflammation and dental cavities
  • Improves brain health by reducing oxidative stress in brain cells
  • Acts as a natural depressant and controls anxiety and depression
  • Reduces signs of premature ageing

Uses Of Black Pepper

  • A food preservative that reduces anti-fungal, and antibacterial activities that cause food spoilage.
  • A flavouring used in Eastern and Western cuisine especially in sauces
  • A natural taste enhancer for many bakery products, confectionery products, and ready-to-eat food products
  • An ingredient in ointments and rubs used to reduce pain
  • Used in insecticides and repellents

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