Arachchi Kolma (comedy of village chief)

Arachchi Kolama Arachchi Kolama Arachchi Kolama

The Arachchi Kolama (comedy) is describe in these verses :-

"Taking a baton in hand and with handkerchief on the shoulder,

Two combs are on his head and a shirt on his body

Dressed like this the gentlemen acts grandly on the stage

Then all the people applaud and worship and ask for permission”

Destroying poverty -shows injustice in this way

Asking about all fields- comes like this the Arachchi Kolama (comedy)

From his white teeth – announces the royal orders

Talks utter nonsense – This drunkard Arachchi (village official)

Evoking fear and loyalty among the common people and its comic character are displayed by the creation of this mask with its moustache. Behind him following him is a character called Liyanappu (clerical official). Though these characters have masks that are similar, yet the two different characters can be identified separately and have been created as such.

Arachchi Kolama Arachchi Kolama Arachchi Kolama

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