Ananas comosus (අන්නාසි)

Ananas comosus is the Botanical name for Pineapple. This is used as fresh fruit and use to make value-added products like jam cordial, chatni, and canning. This Grows well in the low country wet zone & low country intermediate zone. To well grow Ananas comosus needs 500- 3000 mm of annual rainfall and the temperature must be about 24- 32 0C. Well-drained Sandy Loams soil with pH 5 – 6 is most suitable for cultivation.

Land preparation

Basic preparation like other crops. Normally Prepare 20 cm width and 20 cm deep trenches


Put the suckers in the trenches and add the soil to cover 10 – 15 cm of sucker base,there is two Planting material

  • Suckers
  • Tissue culture plants
  • There are 4 types of Suckers

    Sucker Type Time taken for natural flowering (months)
    Root suckers 12-14
    Axil suckers 12-14;
    Slips 14-16
    Crown 18-20

    • Pineapple crown can be used as plating material for commercial cultivation with foliar fertilizer
    • Two weeks after planting apply foliar fertilizer up to two months period at two weeks interval
    • Other fertilizer application and cultural practices are like to root and axil suckers cultivation
    Diseases and pests

    Some insects are responsible for some Diseases. Some of them are,

  • Mealy bugs
  • Crown rot and root rot
  • Fruit rot
  • Pineapple wilt
  • Easy to identify these Diseases by these kinds of Symptoms

  • Leaves change in color from a healthy green to various shades of red and yellow
  • The root system is dead and plants can be easily pulled from the ground
  • Fruit rot begins from the stem
  • Using this Methods can be to control these Diseases

  • Do not plant the suckers too deep
  • Planting in well drain soil
  • Planting healthy suckers
  • After harvesting dip the stems in 5% sodium bicarbonate solution