Alupola Ella

Alupola Falls is 68 meters (238 feet) high and falls in several sections to attract the attention of tourists. Located at one end of the Sabaragamuwa Butterfly Reserve, is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Ratnapura. It is the most beautiful road from Ratnapura town to Balangoda on the Wewelwatta - Rassagala road. It is about 3 km past Wewelwatta town. The name of this waterfall is Alupola Falls based on the name of the Alupola estate where the waterfall is located.

Even in a drought the water continues to fall as a small stream, and due to the moisture, even as the midday sun shines overhead, a damp environment prevails. A hydro-electric power station has been built by damming Alupola Falls in Bellangama, and the power generated is used by the Wewell Watte Tea Factory.