Siddhalepa popularly known throughout the nation as the “Vedamahathmaya in Every Home” retained a top position among leading brands in Lanka Monthly Digest magazine’s Most Loved Brands 2017. Supirivicky the first Ayurveda toothpaste also secured a higher place in the toothpaste category.

The best Ayurveda brand Siddhalepa, which has won wide acclaim as the “wonder balm” re – established its strong brand identity in the health care category of this annual survey. The brand has been among the top brands since inception.

The Lanka Monthly Digest, one of the country’s leading business magazines, has been publishing this survey on brands by Brand Finance for the last fourteen years. Over the years they fine tuned its criteria and format to make it more relevant in Sri Lanka’s context.

This year the survey was renamed Sri Lanka’s Most Loved Brands from its former titles and in the overall listing Siddhalepa was placed first in “Natural Healthcare” sector and Supirivicky second in the toothpaste category.

Respondents in Colombo and Gampaha were included in the survey as these two districts best represent the urban and affluent who are early adopters of brand and products.

Experiencing a brand is necessary to gain a proper understanding of it, and therefore requires a sufficient discretionary income. Hence the selection of this more urban segment, the magazine says in a report on The Debut of Sri Lanka’s Most Loved Brands.

The survey conducted in October and November last year used street and mall intercept interviews and respondents to the survey were selected randomly. Male and female respondents belonging to higher socio economic groups, within the ages of 20 – 50 were eligible to respond to the survey, the magazine explained.

The questions that the respondents were asked intended to ascertain brand equity, or the strength of the relationship or bond between the product or service and consumer while the respondents may or may not have been users of a particular product or service they have sufficient awareness to arrive at an option to articulate what they believe about that brand. Therefore it is a measurement of perceived attributes of quality, reliability, distinctiveness, reputation and trustworthiness, which at an overall level could be loved by the respondent, LMD reports.

Consistency in brand performance is achieved through a strong brand management system, other factors are availability or an essential product or it could have a long heritage, it added.

Siddhalepa balm is the flagship brand of the Hettigoda Group, manufacturers of over 150 Ayurveda medicines, health care, beauty care, skin care, oral care, wellness and Spa products. The Group was founded in Sri Lanka in 1934.

Siddhalepa balm is used for a multitude of illnesses earning it’s name as the “Vedamahathmaya in Every home”. The ISO and GMP certified balm is effective for common cold, sneezing, flu, headaches, easing of tension, breathing disturbances, toothaches, muscle pains (bruises, distortions, lumbago), joint aches (joint pains, limitation of movement, swellings), rheumatic discomforts, itching caused by insect bites and as an insect repellent.

Supirivicky gained popularity as Sri Lanka’s first ever Ayurveda toothpaste. Made of a collection of 09 Ayurveda herbs the toothpaste which guarantees total protection for gums and teeth in its “natural” colour revolutionized the oral care market. Supirivicky Ayurveda toothpaste has created a solid market for itself in the constantly changing oral care market offering consumers a variety of advantages in oral care. Supirivicky toothpaste’s Ayurveda herbs include Goraka, Pepper, Aralu, Munamal Bark, Velmi, Natural Cinnamon oil, Pilamul, Natural Clove oil, and Katukarandu.

“Siddhalepa’s constant presence in the LMD’s brands survey is a proud testimony for our company of the unfailing popularity of this healthcare product and we are also happy that our oral care product, the first in the market Supirivicky has also been recognized as a favorite in this survey,” Chairman Siddhalepa Group, Deshabandu Dr. Victor Hettigoda.

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